There is a new Secret Society in town and that is Gorgeous Cow NFT

Gorgeous Cow Secret Society, a new Ethereum project, is the latest addition to the worldwide frenzy for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that has swept the world. In order to achieve success and change the NFT sector for the better, the project with 10,000 tokens is being created by a competent team with a strong desire to succeed. Trading, staking, donations, real-life parties, and the Metaverse are all part of the Gorgeous Cow Secret Society’s arsenal.


The story begins in Amsterdam, where an underground secret organization is forming with a shaorma shop as a front. The Gorgeous Cow NFT is required for entry to the clubs, which have two more locations, one in Dubai and one in Tokyo.

The mission of GC NFT tokens is to bring together clever, influential individuals and to create a community that thrives. To establish an environment where like-minded people may come together and to benefit one another. The GC tokens will have utility as entry passes, IP rights, private party entry passes to attend the Secret Society parties, airdrops, voting, staking, merchandising and more.


Gorgeous Cow Secret Society is the first élite community focused on wealth, donations and secret society,” says a spokesperson.


Everyone in the world, according to the Gorgeous Cow Secret Society, has the right to have at least their most basic needs met. They are now focusing on developing nations, where essentials like clean water and food are more difficult to come by. They have chosen to contribute to a charity that provides such support.


The project will be extended until at least 2025, during which time the team will regularly release new surprises, host events, cooperate with others in the sector, and assist as many people as possible.


This secret society will spill its secrets only if you’re a member, as we also don’t have the liberty to spill the beans. The surprises they hold are plentiful; all you need to do is participate in their journey. Interested buyers should watch out for the official launch in April 2022, when a whitelist will also be available.


The tokens can be acquired on their website,, using any crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, and the collection can be purchased on the secondary market, Opensea, following minting.


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