Atlanta’s Successful Entrepreneur Nafeel Ahmed Shares His Journey to Stardom

Nafeel Ahmed, the founder of the popular Ibiza lounge bar in Duluth, Atlanta, always had an entrepreneurial spirit and potential to grow. Right from an early age, he carried the spirit of leadership and was confident in social skills. Nafeel Ahmed was also known as a walking calendar, because it was easy for him to remember the birth dates of his close ones. Today, he is well known for having made Ibiza a popular party and entertainment destination. Reflecting back on his past, Nafeel says he never missed even a single chance to make his friends and family members feel special on their special days. Marketing became a passion for him while he was in high school. Even before social media was well known, Nafeel worked hard to achieve something great in his life. For instance, he knew the marketing power of distributing flyers,
collecting emails, using AIM, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and so on. No one gets the cherry on the cake in the beginning, and so Nafeel also faced challenges and faced a lot of struggles in life. Nafeel is a Muslim from the Middle East. His father was disappointed with him and didn’t support him because of the career he chose to grow in was against his culture and religious beliefs.

Something we all should know about the Ibiza lounge is that it is located in Duluth in the heart of Gwinnett country. The reason Nafeel chose Gwinnett is that the place is well known as a melting pot which brings in a diversity of crowd. Nafeel’s vision was to make the place a number 1 party destination in the world, where people can relax and enjoy and have fun with their dear ones. Subsequently, Nafeel got all the help he needed from his amazing team to support him and work with him all the way Hard work pays off, and Ibiza is now successful only because of Nafeel and his hard work and the passion and dedication he has displayed all through his days of struggle. The entrepreneur inside him will go on to produce many such achievements in the future.
For more information, please visit: www.Ibiza
Media Contact:
4500 Satellite blvd, Duluth GA 30096
Phone no. 6786650520
Snapchat: @nafeelofficial
Facebook: Nafeel Ahmed

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