How To Visit Amsterdam On A Budget

Amsterdam is not known for how inexpensive it is, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to visit Amsterdam on a budget. The skilled frugal traveler knows how to visit even the most expensive countries for less – you just have to follow the insider secrets.

Luckily, globetrotters follow some pretty simple rules for saving money, so you don’t have to be an expert to travel for less. Anyone can do it!

Visiting Amsterdam can be cheap from the moment you arrive in Amsterdam Schiphol airport. From there you can buy train tickets for a fee of around 5 euros and it will bring you exactly in the centrum of Amsterdam in less than 20 minutes.

The first thing you need to know is how to get around town. Because Amsterdam it’s a relative small city, traveling from one side of the city to another can be affordable and even you might even enjoy. For example a tram/bus ticket costs you 3 euro for 1 hour – you can buy the ticket inside the tram/bus, ferry it’s for free and to rent a bike costs you around 15 euro for a full day. After 12PM there are always night busses, just download the app called 9292 and you can plan your city trip.

The city is made for cycling, but you have to keep in mind this doesn’t automatically mean cycling around the city is a walk in the park. Cyclists move along at high speeds and follow special traffic signals, so having a good amount of prior experience on a bike will be helpful.


Whenever you can, forget about paying for transportation and walk. This is not only free (the best deal you can get) but the best way to experience the city. Because Amsterdam is small and easy to travel, try and walk as much as possible. This is also a lot of fun and will give you enough time to admire the architecture and the famous bridges and canals. Only walking you can find the hidden gems which Amsterdam has to offer. Like the quirky shops, or small snack bars, or unique museums and galleries.

You’re going to need to eat at some point in time. It’s possible to enjoy some fantastic grub on a budget if you know where to look. Bars and coffee shops also sell food, which usually costs much less than meals in a restaurant. A variety of delicious sandwiches are available in these establishments for a very low price. Or take a walk in Chinese town and there you will find several Asian places with affordable prices.

If you are in for some pancakes try one of the famous pancake houses which are almost at any corner of the street. For around 10 euro you can have a pancake with chicken or full with vegetable which can be like a full meal.

Or, buy your entire meal from a vending machine – in Amsterdam, vending machine meals are sold for low prices. The snack bar is called FEBO and for less than 2 euro you can get a delicious chicken or beef burger.

Another tip: vegetarian and whole food restaurants offer moderately priced food and a healthy dining experience. If you’re not into vegetarian, check out the Leidseplein area – here you can find Greek, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and Indonesian food in addition to the traditional Dutch fries. In this area prices are a bit higher due the fact it’s a highly touristic area.

Amsterdam doesn’t have to be expensive, so what are you waiting for? Start planning your next trip to this delightful city and you’ll be enjoying a holiday without overpaying.


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