Palawan Island, Philippines
Palawan Island, Philippines

Palawan Island, Philippines – Heaven On Earth

  • Palawan Island, Philippines is a breathtaking tourist destination that is known for its crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, and natural beauty.
  • The best time to visit Palawan Island is from November to May when the weather is dry and sunny, making island activities more enjoyable.
  • Getting to Palawan Island requires a plane or ferry ride, depending on your location and budget.
  • The top tourist destinations in Palawan Island include El Nido, Puerto Princesa City, and Coron Province, all of which offer unique sights and activities for tourists.
  • Palawan Island is heaven on earth because of its amazing coral reef creatures, limestone cliffs, diverse cuisine options, and accommodation for all budgets.
  • When visiting Palawan Island, it’s important to bring cash, book island hopping tours in advance, and pack appropriate gear for island activities.


Introduction to Palawan Island, Philippines

Palawan Island, located in the Philippines, is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an introduction to the country’s breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. This tropical paradise boasts crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and exotic wildlife, drawing countless visitors every year, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.

This idyllic location has something for every type of traveller, whether you’re an adventurous nature lover seeking thrills like snorkelling and diving in its turquoise waters or exploring its lush forests, or simply looking to relax and unwind beneath the sun on its white sandy beaches.

In addition to its stunning natural beauty, Palawan Island also gives visitors a glimpse into the unique culture and traditions of the Philippines. You can sample delicious local cuisine and learn about the island’s fascinating history through its museums and landmarks.

Visiting Palawan Island is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, offering visitors the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with nature in a truly unforgettable way. Book your trip today and discover all that this remarkable destination has to offer!

Best time to visit Palawan Island

Palawan Island in the Philippines is truly a breathtaking and paradise-like destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. Its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush green forests make it an ideal place to visit all year round. However, for those looking for the best time to visit Palawan Island, the dry season between November and April is the perfect time. During this season, the temperature is pleasant, and visitors can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities without the risk of rain. However, it is worth noting that this is also the peak tourist season, and as a result, prices for accommodations and flights tend to be higher than usual.

For those who want to save some money while still enjoying the island’s beauty, visiting during the off-peak season between May and October may be a better option. Although there may be occasional rain showers during this season, the island’s flora is vibrant and in full bloom, making it a great time to explore the island’s natural beauty. Additionally, those who want to avoid the crowds can plan their trip early in the season, around November or late April when there are fewer tourists and lower prices.

Getting to Palawan Island

Palawan Island in the Philippines is a top destination for holiday seekers who are looking for an adventure. Accessibility is not a problem when traveling to this island because visitors can choose to arrive by air, sea, or land. The Puerto Princesa International Airport serves as the main gateway to Palawan Island, which is located in the city of Puerto Princesa. To get there, domestic airlines such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia have flights from Manila and other major cities in the Philippines.

For a more scenic experience, visitors can choose to reach Palawan Island by sea. There are several ferry companies that operate routes from Manila or other ports such as Coron, El Nido, and San Vicente. Journey times may vary depending on the departure port. Another option is to travel by land, either by bus or private vehicle. The island is connected to the mainland via a bridge, and visitors can take a bus from Manila to Puerto Princesa.

Once visitors arrive on Palawan Island, it is easy to travel around by public transportation like tricycles, jeepneys, and buses. Private vehicles and motorcycles can also be rented for those wanting more flexibility. For those wanting a guided tour, tour operators are available to help visitors explore the island.

Overall, Palawan Island is a must-visit destination that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers. Thanks to the different accessibility options, it has never been easier for visitors to reach this island paradise.

Top tourist destinations in Palawan Island

Palawan Island boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, making it a top destination for tourists. In this section, we will discover the top tourist hotspots that Palawan Island has to offer, including:

  • El Nido, Palawan for its stunning beaches
  • Puerto Princesa City for its rich cultural heritage
  • Coron Province for its world-renowned dive sites

Get ready to be transported to a true slice of paradise.

El Nido, Palawan

El Nino, Philipines
El Nino, Philipines

El Nido, located in the beautiful northern region of Palawan Island, is a must-see destination for any tourist. This picturesque location offers a plethora of attractions, including limestone cliffs, secluded beaches, and an array of water activities such as snorkeling and diving. Its unspoiled natural beauty has gained global attention and is carefully preserved by authorities to ensure that visitors can immerse themselves in the untouched environment.

Tourists exploring El Nido will never run out of places to discover. One of the top attractions is the stunning lagoons surrounded by towering limestone cliffs that rise out of the shimmering blue waters. These lagoons are only accessible via narrow passages between rock formations and stepping inside feels like stepping into a dream. Experience the magic of El Nido in person and see why it is considered one of the most enchanting places on earth.

Beauty of El Nido

With its stunning natural beauty, El Nido in Palawan Island is a must-visit destination for tourists. The region is home to rugged limestone cliffs, clear turquoise waters, and beautiful beaches that make it one of the most picturesque and awe-inspiring places in the Philippines.

El Nido offers visitors a breathtaking view of nature’s power and diversity – from the stunning islands and towering limestone cliffs to emerald forests. The golden beaches provide an idyllic spot for relaxation, while lush vegetation covers much of the surrounding hillsides.

What makes El Nido truly special are its island-hopping tours, snorkeling, and diving opportunities that allow visitors to intimately explore the incredible marine ecosystem. The beauty of El Nido is not limited to its natural wonders; the diverse culture and charm of locals make it truly magical. Visitors can experience true Filipino culture through their interaction with residents who exude warmth and hospitality unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Accommodation options in El Nido are plentiful and cater to all budgets, with food options varying from local Philippine cuisine to international cuisine. However, travelers should bring cash as credit cards may not be widely accepted. It is also highly recommended to book an island-hopping tour in advance and pack adequate gear for water activities.

Island hopping, snorkeling, and diving in El Nido

El Nido in Palawan Island, Philippines is a paradise for travelers seeking unforgettable island hopping, snorkeling, and diving experiences. The area is dotted with breathtaking islands, secluded beaches, and enchanting lagoons with crystal clear waters perfect for a day-long exploration.

Island hopping in El Nido takes visitors on a journey to several pristine islands such as Simizu Island and Secret Lagoon. The rich marine life in the area makes it an ideal location for snorkeling, where you can observe various sea creatures up close, including barracudas, manta rays, and clown fishes.

Diving in El Nido is also a must-try activity, and the colorful coral reefs around the area offer diverse marine biodiversity, ideal for underwater explorations.

The Big Lagoon located on Miniloc Island provides ample opportunities for kayaking amidst towering limestone cliffs, while places like Seven Commandos Beach and Ipil Beach serve as idyllic spots to relax after a tiring day of exploration.

Visitors can choose from several tour package offers or hire private boats depending on their preference. No matter what option they choose, visitors have the freedom to create their schedules while traveling to different places, making this experience all the more special.

El Nido also boasts quality accommodation facilities ranging from posh hotels to backpacker guesthouses. Restaurants serving delicious locally sourced cuisine options elevate the overall experience.

In summary, El Nido in Palawan Island, Philippines offers an unforgettable experience of island hopping, snorkeling, and diving in a breathtaking natural environment.

Accommodation and food options in El Nido

El Nido, a beautiful town situated on Palawan Island, offers a variety of accommodation and food options for tourists. With options ranging from luxurious resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses, travellers can easily find the perfect place to stay. Hotels near the beach provide spectacular ocean views, while other accommodations offer rooms or cottages surrounded by lush greenery, perfect for those who prefer mountain views.

Not only hotels and resorts, but tourists can also rent villas and cottages on a short-term basis through homestay programs. For those who want to experience the unique delights of El Nido, there are plenty of beach-front accommodations that offer unforgettable experiences such as island hopping tours and exploring nearby coral reefs for snorkelling or diving.

Foodies will love the diversity of cuisines available in El Nido. The town has a fantastic selection of local restaurants, street stalls and cafes offering delicious local delicacies along with international cuisine. Cafes throughout the town provide a great dining experience, satisfying everyone’s taste buds.

In short, El Nido offers visitors a range of accommodation and food options to fit their requirements and budget preferences. Whether tourists are looking for luxury resorts or budget guesthouses, or simply searching for some authentic local cuisine, El Nido has something to cater to everyone’s needs.

Puerto Princesa City

Located on the eastern shore of Palawan Island, Puerto Princesa City is a coastal destination that attracts tourists from around the world due to its natural beauty and historical landmarks.

As one of the largest cities in Palawan, Puerto Princesa City offers visitors a diverse range of attractions and activities. One of the main draws of this city is the Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features an extensive cave system and stunning geological formations. Visitors can take guided tours along the river to witness firsthand the awe-inspiring natural wonders found within.


In addition to its natural charm, Puerto Princesa City also boasts several historic landmarks, such as Fort San Pedro which was built by Spanish conquistadors during their occupation of the Philippines. The city also offers a range of shopping and dining options, with local markets and restaurants providing guests with an authentic taste of Filipino cuisine.

Fun fact: As a designated ‘clean and green’ city by the Philippine government, Puerto Princesa City has been recognized for its efforts towards environmental sustainability. (source:

Underground River

Located in Puerto Princesa City, the Underground River is one of the most mesmerizing natural wonders on Palawan Island. It is flowing inside a limestone cave that stretches out for 8.2 kilometers and was listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature back in 2011.

The Underground River in Puerto Princesa City deserves its spot amongst the many tourist attractions on Palawan Island. The cave is filled with stunning rock formations molded by millions of years of water erosion, making it a unique place with ancient geological significance. Tourists can take a boat ride through this surreal landscape while admiring how sunlight filters into different chambers, illuminating various parts of the underground passage.

The Underground River boasts an abundance of flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world, making it both valuable and fragile. One must respect the environmental etiquette enforced by local authorities when visiting to maintain tranquility and ensure sustainability for future generations.

Just a short distance away, in Coron Province, visitors can find even more enchanting sights to behold. Shipwrecks both above and below the water’s surface are waiting to be explored by adventurous divers and snorkelers. Palawan Island truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

Coron Province

Coron Province, Philipines
Coron Province, Philipines

The stunning geological features of Coron Province make it a top destination for travelers from all over the world. The province boasts magnificent limestone cliffs that encircle the region, along with captivating turquoise waters that offer some of the most breathtaking views imaginable. For the more daring tourists, there are adventurous opportunities to explore the enthralling rock formation islets or dive into the coral reefs surrounding the area’s various shipwrecks from World War II.

What sets Coron Province apart from other tourist spots on Palawan Island is its abundant natural attractions. The charming rainforest areas remain untouched and tell captivating stories of hidden gems tucked away like tantalizing hot springs and teeming lagoons. Here, one can experience the perfect balance of nature and excitement, making for an unforgettable vacation.

For thrill-seekers seeking adventure, Coron Province’s rock formation islets and shipwrecks are like treasure troves waiting to be explored. Dive headfirst into the hidden secrets of this stunning region and discover the unparalleled wonder it has to offer.


Rock formation islets and shipwrecks

If you’re looking for a unique island experience in the Philippines, Coron Province should be on your list. Its natural attractions, such as rock formation islets and shipwrecks, make it an ideal destination for divers and snorkelers. Under the sea, you’ll be amazed by the colorful marine life and stunning coral reefs. Wreck diving is also a popular activity for adventure seekers, especially for those who want to explore the Japanese warships that sank in the area during World War II.

Coron Province is also home to several shipwrecks that are a testament to the events that took place during the war. Many visitors come to the province to see the sunken wrecks and learn more about their history. It’s fascinating to note that some of these ships were part of the fleet that Japan brought to Coron Bay when they invaded on September 24, 1944.

Aside from its natural wonders, Coron Province is also part of the Palawan Island, which is known for its crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, and laid-back vibe. Indeed, there’s no shortage of paradise in this part of the Philippines.


Reasons why Palawan Island is heaven on earth

Palawan Island in the Philippines has earned its reputation for being heaven on earth. The island offers a variety of exciting experiences to tourists and travelers looking for a perfect paradise getaway. This section explores the reasons behind the island’s heavenly reputation, including:

  • Crystal clear water and amazing coral reef creatures
  • Stunning beaches, limestone cliffs and natural beauty
  • A laid-back vibe
  • Diverse cuisine options
  • Accommodation options suitable for all budgets.

Crystal clear water and amazing coral reef creatures

Palawan Island in the Philippines is renowned for its crystal clear water and amazing coral reef creatures, making it a popular destination for divers and snorkelers. The island boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking underwater scenery and an abundance of marine life. The waters surrounding Palawan Island are filled with vibrant coral reefs teeming with an array of marine life, including enormous schools of fish, colorful clownfish (popularized by Finding Nemo), majestic sea turtles, blue-ringed octopuses, and even small sharks. With such diversity in marine species, Palawan offers unforgettable diving experiences that appeal to enthusiasts from across the globe.

Beyond its exceptional coral reefs and aquatic animals, visitors can also enjoy kayaking through caves at cathedral cove between mangroves or explore the 30-meter-high Tubbataha Reef wall. These activities provide visitors with ample opportunities to experience up-close encounters with some elite sea creatures in their natural habitats.


For those planning to visit Palawan Island to snorkel or dive, it is essential to bring proper gear such as wetsuits and masks. Remember not to touch any coral reef or pick up shells or other ocean specimens as these can harm the delicate ecosystem. Hence underwater cameras may be handy while strictly maintaining conservation policies on taking them out recklessly.

To sum up, Palawan Island provides stunning experiences that showcase unparalleled beauty in underwater flora and fauna in clear waters. Visitors will have numerous opportunities to interact directly with nature’s bounty that they cannot encounter anywhere else on earth! Palawan Island’s natural beauty is so stunning, it could inspire poetry from even the most prose-minded traveler.

Stunning beaches, limestone cliffs, and natural beauty

Palawan Island is a tropical paradise that boasts stunning beaches, awe-inspiring limestone cliffs, and an abundance of natural beauty. The island’s unparalleled coastline spans over 1,200 miles with pristine white sand beaches that stretch for miles on end. This beautiful destination is home to several world-renowned beaches, such as El Nido Beach and Sabang Beach, which offer crystal clear water perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

One of the island’s main draws is the impressive limestone cliffs that tower over the turquoise waters, creating a majestic backdrop for the already breathtaking beaches. Visitors can marvel at these natural wonders while lounging on the beaches or taking a boat ride around the island.

However, Palawan Island’s natural beauty extends far beyond its coastline. Inland, visitors can explore lush jungles and towering mountains that are home to rare flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. For those looking to experience the beauty of Palawan Island fully, we recommend taking a guided tour to visit some of the lesser-known hidden gems. Many tour operators offer specialized tours tailored to guests’ interests, such as hiking or wildlife observation tours.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, renting a motorbike or kayak is an excellent way to explore more remote parts of the island at your own pace. And don’t forget about the diverse cuisine options that Palawan Island has to offer, which will make you forget your worries and indulge your taste buds.

In conclusion, Palawan Island is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking stunning beaches, limestone cliffs, and natural beauty. This island truly has everything, including a laid-back vibe that will make you want to stay forever.

Laid-back vibe and diverse cuisine options

The island of Palawan is a unique travel destination that boasts a laid-back vibe and diverse cuisine options. For food lovers, Palawan offers an excellent selection of local restaurants that serve delicious Filipino dishes alongside international cuisine. The relaxed and tranquil ambiance of Palawan also provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s serene environment attracts digital nomads who want to work remotely while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Palawan’s tourism industry is still growing, and visitors can expect prices to be lower compared to other popular destinations in Southeast Asia. This opens up opportunities for budget travelers to enjoy a fantastic vacation without breaking their bank. Additionally, many small businesses on the island are family-run, adding to the charm and personal touch that characterizes their services.

Not only do tourists get to indulge in great food, but they also receive hospitality with warmth that reflects Filipino culture. Palawan Island’s experience is like no other, where visitors can disconnect from urban lifestyles and enjoy a vacation surrounded by natural beauty. Overall, Palawan Island is the perfect destination for food enthusiasts looking for a unique and relaxed experience.

Tips for visiting Palawan Island

Palawan Island, the breathtaking tropical paradise in the Philippines, is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. But to make the most of your trip, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In this section, we’ll give you insider tips for visiting Palawan Island, including:

  • how to make sure you have plenty of cash on hand
  • how to book island hopping tours in advance
  • what gear to pack for your island adventures

Bring cash and credit cards may not be widely accepted

When planning a trip to Palawan Island, it is important to keep in mind that credit cards may not be widely accepted in shops and restaurants. To avoid any inconvenience, it is highly recommended to bring enough cash along. Although ATMs are available, they might be limited in some areas.

To make the most of your trip, it is also important to keep track of expenses and budget accordingly. Overspending on activities or food options is a common mistake that tourists make. To avoid this, it’s best to prepare a daily budget in advance. This not only helps to save money but also keeps travelers safe from theft or robbery in touristy areas.

It’s also worth noting that if you don’t book your island hopping tour in advance, you might end up missing out on some amazing experiences. While others are swimming with turtles and exploring hidden lagoons, you might be stuck on land with FOMO. So, make sure to plan ahead and have an unforgettable trip to Palawan Island, with enough cash on hand to enjoy all it has to offer.

Book island hopping tours in advance


Palawan Island is a must-see destination for any avid traveller looking for fun and adventure. This Philippine paradise attracts visitors with its magnificent islands, captivating beaches, and crystal-clear waters that entice snorkelling and scuba diving activities. To make the most of your vacation, it is highly recommended to book island hopping tours in advance.

The high demand for island hopping tours on the popular spots such as El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa City necessitates tour operators to plan accordingly. It is prudent for travellers to plan their visits to Palawan Island, considering the time of the year they intend to visit. The peak season, spanning from December to May, usually experiences high demand for island-hopping tours, so booking in advance is crucial.

Booking island hopping tours in advance is an excellent way for visitors to avoid missing out on their preferred itinerary due to long queues and eliminate the possibility of disappointment. Some tour operators provide pre-booking customers with discounted rates, which helps in managing their budget while also guaranteeing the desired slots’ availability.

Additionally, visitors to Palawan Island should be mindful of having cash with them as credit cards may not be widely accepted. Pre-booking allows payment to be made in advance, reducing the hassle of having to carry large amounts of cash during travel.

In conclusion, to experience the excitement of island hopping and other activities on Palawan Island fully, it is essential to book your tours in advance and plan accordingly. So what are you waiting for? Book your Palawan Island adventure today and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!

Pack appropriate gear for island activities

If you’re planning to do any outdoor activities on Palawan Island, having the appropriate gear is crucial. To make sure you’re well-prepared for island adventures, here are a few tips on what to pack:

  • Bring waterproof bags and containers to keep your belongings dry during island hopping tours and water activities. Check here best waterproof bag
  • Pack comfortable clothes and footwear suitable for hiking, swimming, and snorkeling. Light cotton clothing works best due to the humid weather conditions.
  • Carry sunscreen lotion, hats, sunglasses, and protective wear for extended hours under the sun, as temperatures can be high during peak days.
  • Don’t forget to carry insect repellent if you plan to hike in forests and jungles. It’s also wise to pack a first-aid kit containing basic supplies to alleviate minor injuries. Find the best Mosquito Repellent Bracelets here


While it’s important to pack everything you may need, overpacking should be avoided as island-bought gear can be expensive. Remember to pack light and smartly.

Exploring Palawan Island’s natural wonders is an amazing experience, but safety should always come first. By packing appropriately, travelers can enjoy their experience and stay comfortable throughout their adventure.

Palawan Island in the Philippines is a truly awe-inspiring place, offering visitors a unique experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Its tropical beauty is simply breathtaking, with crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and exotic wildlife that surrounds visitors at every turn.

But Palawan Island is not just known for its natural beauty. It also boasts a fascinating culture and history, including its indigenous people and some of the oldest human remains in the country.

All of these elements make Palawan Island an unforgettable travel destination. Whether you’re swimming with whale sharks, exploring the island’s unique wildlife, or simply soaking up the sun on its stunning beaches, a visit to Palawan Island is a must for anyone seeking a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Some Facts About Palawan Island, Philippines – Heaven On Earth:

  • ✅ Palawan Island, located in the Philippines, was named the Best Island in the World by Travel and Leisure magazine for two consecutive years. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Puerto Princesa City, located in Palawan, is home to the Underground River, which is a popular tourist attraction and was included in the 7 Wonders of Nature. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Palawan Island is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, limestone cliffs, and stunning rock formation islands and lagoons. (Source: and
  • ✅ El Nido, located in Palawan, is a popular tourist destination known for its unspoiled island, crystal-clear water, amazing coral reef creatures, turtles, and even sharks. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Palawan Island offers a laid-back vibe, with many activities to do such as island hopping, snorkeling, and diving, as well as a range of accommodation from budget-friendly to luxury resorts. (Source:
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