5 Tips for Planning The Best RV Trip
5 Tips for Planning The Best RV Trip

6 Tips for Planning The Best RV Trip

If you own a RV, you can enjoy the privilege of being able to come and go as you want, if you are. This is a nice luxury that many motor home renters don’t have. Since you have the freedom to come and go as you please, as an RV owner, you may be interested in taking a last minute RV trip. If so, you may be able to help with the following tips.

Map out your route

A significant component of making a safe and successful trip is planning out your route. It is essential to make a comprehensive plan of your trip. It doesn’t matter, in all honesty, whether your trip is scheduled a few hours before you leave or a few weeks before, it’s important to know where you’re going. Of course, you can be spontaneous along the way, like taking a side trip, but having a planned route is ideal for safety, security and comfort.

Clearly mapping out a planned route will help in the event of an emergency. As much as we all want our trips and holidays to be safe, enjoyable, and free from injuries, that’s not always possible. For that reason, when traveling on the road, it is always best to be prepared for the worst. For example, if your RV breaks down and if you are uncertain of your exact location, it is necessary to obtain roadside assistance and other assistance with a map and a familiarization of the region.

Take the time to plan your intended travel route because it is definitely fun. Traveling by RV is a great way to enjoy different locations while traveling, as you can stop and explore on the side. You are more likely to be aware of exciting events and festivals when a location is familiar to you. For example if you drive along Austin in Texas or Paris, search what festivals and events are in that area in the time you will pass by.

To map out your route also helps prevent you from losing yourself when you’re unsure of your surroundings. Speaking of which, be sure to pack a map or have a GPS installed in your motor home.
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Do not rely on electronics only. If you will have no battery or your RV will get an electric fault, you might not be able to use your internet or GPS. Make sure that you have a map, a paper map or a travel book with you at all times.

Research Activities and Attractions Along the Way

In conjunction with the above mentioned tip of mapping your intended route, this will allow you to explore the activities and attractions that are located along the way. When traveling by RV, its the stops that you are able to make that are most the fun. It is wise to have an idea of exactly what you can do while traveling by RV as well as making sure that you miss out on nothing.

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In order to find information for the places along your travel route, the internet is a great place to look. If you are preparing for an RV trip that isn’t scheduled for another month or so, make sure to research what events and festivals are among the way you will going to take.

When researching for activities and attractions along the way, take in consideration if RV parking is allowed on premises or close by. This is the main thing to check about. Another thing is to make sure that the parking spot is safe. It’s also essential to remember what reservations are needed. Tickets will have to be purchased for certain events and you should do so in advance.

Activities you must have on your RV

When traveling long distances on an RV, it is often possible to be bored. As a result, you’ll want to make sure your motor home is completely loaded with fun activities to enjoy while on the trip. When making sure that your RV is packed with activities for you and the rest of your traveling party to enjoy, it’s important to take into account your wishes, needs, and hobbies. Do you like to read or draw, for example? If that’s the case, you may want to bring these things along for the ride. You will find quite a bit of time on your hands if you are a passenger, as opposed to a driver.

Items that you can easily keep busy on your RV should all depend on your own personal preferences and the preferences of those you’re traveling with. There are a few common items that you might also want to add to your RV your checklist.

  • Board games and card games

Board games and card games are the ideal activities for RV trip. Board games are ideal for family trips, as a number of board games require at least two players. As for card games, there are a lot of multiplayer card games and solo games that are perfect for road travel. Most board games and card games are nice, because they are relatively affordable to buy and easy to store. Here are our Board games and card games top picks:

  • Video gaming

For traveling by RV, video game consoles are fantastic. They are ideal for people of all ages, but children tend to have the most fun with them. If you own or rent an RV that comes with a TV set, you may have more options. However, handheld video game consoles are often a better idea. Video games keep the television free for other family members to watch and enjoy.

  • Books

Another activity that people do when traveling by RV is to read. For this reason, you should ensure that you have sufficient reading material. Both adults and children enjoy reading books, magazines, and newspapers. Book stores and libraries are great places for travelers to acquire travel literature and publications but much easier is to order it online. Here are our top picks:

  • Internet / Laptop

In our times many of us are indispensable of internet. A laptop is always handy to have it in a RV Trip for watching movies, maybe having to work for a bit or for simply edit your travel photos and videos. Internet connection can be purchased from your internet and phone provider  and a laptop is best to choose it as small and light possible.

Traveling By RV with Children

Traveling By RV with Children
Traveling By RV with Children

It is also important to make sure that you have a lot of activities for your children to do while doing an RV trip. These activities should not simply be watching films or playing video games, as above. As one of the ideal activities for children of all ages, we play many other games including those that are preschool board games, card games, and so on. Another great approach is to ask your kids what they want to do. To survive an RV trip with your family, particularly children, it is important to establish ground rules.

When you visit an RV park or public field, rules on your children’s safety are important. Be sure, for example, that your children are aware of the importance of not inviting strangers to your motorhome and of the dangers of going too far unattended. Although your kids may not like to have rules to obey on a holiday, it can help relax your nerves and worries, helping you to have a memorable RV ride.

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A great way to increase their overall happiness is to let your child invite a friend for your next RV trip. Only make sure you’re familiar with the child and their parents. Also, before extending an invite, make sure that your RV is large enough for an extra person.

Letting your children help you with your upcoming RV trip is another great way for you to see success and have a bunch of happy faces along the way. For example, you could let your child go through a limited process of choosing some new things in any kind of “game” to enjoy. You can have them make you a packing list and let them pick out the destination and a place to stop along the way. There are a lot of things that families can do and see, especially when traveling by RV.

Things to do on a RV trip

Recreational vehicle (RV) owners and renters use their RV’s to travel to visit close friends and family members who also live a considerable distance away. These are all great RV travel targets, of course, but did you know there are a variety of activities that are ideal for motor home travel? In reality, many owners and renters of motor homes are shocked at all the choices they have. For your convenience, a few activities that are suitable for those traveling by motor home have been outlined below.

  • Camping

The next most common practice, apart from using an RV trip to arrange long distance trips to catch up with friends or relatives, is camping. Camping is a great way to get outdoors, without having to give up all the modern day luxuries that we take for granted. In terms of camping, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to RVs. If you want to go camping, I suggest that you choose an RV park. Many RV parks are designed with a motor home in mind. As another option (a cheaper one), there is public campgrounds with RV accommodations.

  • Family reunions

Family reunions tend to look like something on the verge of being a thing of the past, but in fact they can be a great way to keep in touch with distant family members. If your family is scattered all across the country and if you are unable to visit each individual family member, a family reunion may be a wonderful idea

  • Attending shows and events

You might be interested in attending antique shows if you have love for antiques and RVs. The AAA recently released an article claiming that the good news about owning or renting a motor home is that you can travel even greater distances than would be possible based on your needs with fewer restrictions than might normally be expected. You have the opportunity to travel across the country for sales and antique show as well. You also have the opportunity to attend sport shows as well as other unique sales. As you are looking to purchase a motor vehicle, you will have to ensure that you have enough space to store your new purchases.

Always Keep Safety in Mind

It is important to remember, as with any recreation activity, that there are certain risks associated with traveling in RV, especially in unfamiliar areas. A number of steps to protect your security should therefore be taken. Make sure to leave a route with someone you know and trust, always keep your environment in mind, keep a mobile phone in the vicinity and ensure a fully stocked first aid kit.

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