Top rated destinations for summer vacations in the United States
Top rated destinations for summer vacations in the United States

Top rated destinations for summer vacations in the United States

Those who have the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean or vacation overseas may consider such a trip a dream come true, but for others, it is out of their reach. If you were to travel to the Caribbean, many of the beaches would be incomparable. However, you might be able to find other beaches in the USA that you can visit.

The Caribbean is a very popular vacation spot among many different reasons. People who enjoy the clear waters, white sand, top-of-the-line resorts, and tropical climates may attend the resort. By doing a small amount of research, you, too, may be able to find your very own beach with similar attributes in the United States. Below is a listing of some of the most popular beaches that are in the United States. The beaches listed are located in different areas of the country.

Top rated destinations for summer vacations in the United States
Top rated destinations for summer vacations in the United States

Ocracoke Island, located in the North Carolina coast was a summer vacation destination for many families. Ocracoke Island can only be accessed by boat from the middle of North Carolina, or by airplane from another city nearby. It stands on the coast line in a popular vacation spot. Ocracoke Island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and is easy to access by boat. There are many activities to do at Ocracoke Island, including but not limited to camping, boating, fishing, surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.

When looking for beaches to explore, many people automatically look at beaches located along the coast of Florida. In first-class Florida, you are more likely to find an unlimited amount of bathing beaches that could serve as your next summer getaway. To understand the location of these beaches, please consider North Beach, South Beach, Pensacola Beach, Daytona Beach, and Miami Beach.


South Beach lies in a few different areas in South Florida, giving it an option of lots of activities, such as things to do on and off the beach. South Beach has a large array of beach activities such as swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and boating. Although South Beach is known (more so) for its nightlife, it is also noted for having good surfing. Along the coast, there are an unlimited amount of restaurants, clubs, and bars to go to. The entertainment venues like this are frequented by tourists or vacationing celebrities.

Except for Florida, the state of California is home to some of the most popular beaches on the East Coast. Among those beaches, Newport beach is one count among the most sought after vacation destinations of the oceans on the West Coast. The popular beaches of Newport Beach have always been the most popular escape for years, but were considered the face of summer when many television shows filmed here. Newport Beach, California is known for its lively atmosphere and surrounding activities. There are various leisure activity that may be done while wearing the garment. Some examples are volleyball, Frisbee throwing, boating, surfing and sunbathing.


While most beaches in New York do not offer a tropical climate, the full-time beaches are always in full swing during the summer months. The main beach located in East Hampton is East Hampton, New York. Sometimes, locations are named for what they represent. In this case the beach at the foot of Main Street is one of the top beaches in the US. The white sand and crystal blue waters make this East Hampton beach just as beautiful as the West Coast beaches found in the Caribbean.

Politically speaking of Hawaii, it is considered to be one of the fifty states, however geographically it is out in the ocean alone. There are a wide variety of ocean beaches located in the United States, especially one of the Hawaiian islands. “Travelling to Hawaii can be an expensive trip; for example, if you live in London, the cost might be shocking.” Tourism officials in Hawaii are currently encouraging the people who are able to afford going on vacation to do so. The beaches found in Hawaii are as close to the Caribbean beaches as you can possibly get. And lots of beautiful Hawaiian beaches include Honaunau Bay and Poipu.



When selecting your next summer vacation destination, the hot sandy beaches mentioned in the article may very well be one of the beaches you plan on visiting next summer vacation. There are many beaches in the United States (arguably the best country in the world) and there are many of those. Not only should you go to the most popular beach in the world, but also you should find the most exotic beach as well. You can think of a summer vacation as a fun-filled vacation filled with memorable experiences.

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