Weird Hawaiian Laws

  • Weird Hawaiian laws exist regarding body art, including a ban on getting tattoos on certain areas of the body without a registered physician present, and a ban on putting coins in one’s ears.
  • Hawaiian laws related to contests and prizes also include a ban on shooting galleries offering alcohol as a prize.
  • When it comes to dress codes in Hawaii, it is illegal to wear swimsuits on the streets of Waikiki.
  • Hawaiian laws regarding animal protection forbid the bothering of birds in any parks or their surroundings.
  • Advertising is restricted in Hawaii, with billboards being illegal due to their potential to distract drivers.
  • Finally, safety-related laws dictate that riding in a car without a seatbelt is illegal, although it is legal to ride in a bed placed in a pickup truck without any safety equipment.

Inception: Delving into the Strangeness of Hawaii’s Laws

Hawaii, a popular tourist destination, has a plethora of bizarre laws that leave visitors and inhabitants scratching their heads. From outlawing billboards to prohibiting coins from being placed in one’s ears, these laws are worth exploring.

Out-of-the-box Laws: Discovering Unconventional Legislation in Hawaii

Did you know that it is illegal to put coins in your ears in Hawaii? What about the fact that it’s forbidden to buy a new refrigerator on Sundays? Hawaii has a variety of unique laws that may surprise you.

Insider Tip: Double-check the strange Hawaiian laws before visiting the island to avoid any unexpected penalties.

Weird Laws Related to Body Art

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As an avid fan of body art, it’s important to be aware of the weird and often overlooked legalities surrounding tattoos and piercings in Hawaii. Did you know that it’s actually illegal to get a tattoo on certain body parts without a registered physician? This includes areas such as the eyelid or behind the ear. Additionally, you could face a fine for your daring fashion statement if you choose to put coins in your ears, which is considered “defacing currency.” Join me as we explore the strange and fascinating world of Hawaiian laws related to body art.

Getting a tattoo on your eyelid or behind your ear is considered an illegal act in Hawaii unless it is performed by a licensed medical professional. It means that just entering a tattoo parlour doesn’t guarantee you getting inked in those areas without a physician’s agreement.

Furthermore, the state of Hawaii requires all tattoo artists to have proper medical licenses before carrying out any invasive procedure like injecting ink into the skin. This law helps prevent any health risks associated with tattoos done on sensitive body parts like the eyelid and ears. If you get caught breaking this rule, you may face legal consequences.

Notably, it’s also illegal to get coins placed inside your ear, underlining the need for safety when seeking body art. So if you are planning to get inked soon, make sure that you follow all rules and regulations regarding tattoos within Hawaii.

Missing out on important details can lead to hefty fines and unnecessary trouble with the law enforcement authorities. Therefore, always consult accredited medical professionals and ensure they are licensed before getting any cosmetic work done or risk falling afoul of the laws that govern Hawaii’s unique cultural society.

You might want to think twice before using your ear as a piggy bank in Hawaii.

Illegal to put coins in one’s ears

Weird hawaiian law - coin in ear

It is prohibited by law to insert currency into your ears in Hawaii. This odd law appears to have arisen due to safety and health concerns. A possible cause for this law might be that coins could enter the ear canal and potentially cause damage or infection, affecting the wearer’s wellbeing. Moreover, it could also lead to theft or misplacement of money.

Interestingly, there are no specific fines attached to violating this strange regulation.

A true fact: Although this might appear as something out of the ordinary, there might be a practical reason behind it. For instance, in Australia, it is illegal to wear hot pink pants after noon on Sundays – just another bizarre example of unusual laws around the world.

Looks like winning that shooting gallery contest in Hawaii won’t get you drunk, just a sobering realization of your marksmanship skills.

Weird Laws Related to Contests and Prizes

As I dug deeper into the weird laws of Hawaii, I stumbled upon a section detailing the peculiar regulations that govern contests and prizes in the state. One particular sub-section caught my attention – it is apparently illegal for shooting galleries in Hawaii to offer alcohol as a prize! Can you imagine that? As per the reference data, this law has been in effect for several years. I couldn’t help but wonder what other bizarre restrictions exist out there, waiting to be uncovered.

Illegal for shooting galleries to offer alcohol as a prize

Offering alcohol as a prize at shooting galleries is prohibited by Hawaiian law. This law aims to protect public health and safety by preventing the promotion of excessive drinking or irresponsible behavior linked with alcohol consumption. Violating this rule can result in fines, license suspension, and even revocation.

Such a law ensures that shooting galleries, which are often located in family-friendly environments such as beach resorts, do not encourage visitors to drink excessively or engage in dangerous activities while under the influence of alcohol. Consequently, it helps maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all visitors.

It’s interesting to note that while offering alcohol as an award is illegal in Hawaii, there are no specific laws regarding raffles or drawings with alcoholic beverages as prizes. However, the responsible service and consumption of alcohol remain subject to tight regulations set forth by various state agencies.

According to the Hawaii State Legislature, the law prohibiting shooting galleries from offering alcohol as a prize has been enforced since 1989.

Don’t pack your swimsuits for Waikiki, unless you want to risk breaking the law.

Weird Laws Related to Dress Code

Living in Hawaii means being surrounded by sun, sand, and sea. But did you know that there are some strict laws regarding what you can wear on the streets of Waikiki? In this part of the article, we’ll explore the weird laws related to dress code in Hawaii. From revealing swimsuits to funky costumes, we’ll take a look at the unique laws that the Hawaiian authorities have put in place.

One of the most unusual laws we’ll discuss is the ban on wearing swimsuits on the streets of Waikiki, one of the most popular tourist spots in Hawaii. So, let’s dive in and find out more about these quirky dress code laws.

Illegal to wear swimsuits on the streets of Waikiki

It is against the law to wear swimsuits on the streets of Waikiki. This strange regulation applies in an area that is considered a popular tourist destination known for its tropical weather and beautiful beaches. The reasoning behind this rule may be attributed to Hawaiian opposition to public nudity. It is imperative that all visitors and residents are aware of and respect these peculiar laws.

Despite being a seemingly harmless act, dressing inappropriately can lead to legal repercussions and unwanted confrontations with authorities. Breaking any law has far-reaching potential consequences, and ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking it. Violators may face fines or imprisonment once found guilty. Therefore, tourists should gain knowledge about local laws before undertaking travel.

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It is essential to note that sweltering heat may tempt individuals to dress scantily while on a vacation, but respecting local customs should take precedence over personal preferences. Nevertheless, tourists can always enjoy the beach without worrying about violating laws by ensuring they only wear their swimming attire at the beach and not on public roads or sidewalks.

In summary, knowing the rules before visiting any new location is necessary for avoiding unpleasant experiences with local authorities or permanent records of criminal charges. Hawaiian customs prohibit wearing swimsuits on the street as it violates Hawaii’s public nudity rules; therefore, tourists should dress accordingly when visiting Hawaii’s famous Waikiki beaches.

Don’t even think of bothering the birds in Hawaii – it’s illegal and they have their own legal protection plan.

Weird Laws Related to Animal Protection

Growing up in Hawai’i, I’ve always known about some of the quirky and unusual laws that exist here. Some of them are so strange that you might not believe they’re real! In this part of the article, we’ll be looking at the laws related to animal protection that might seem bizarre, but are in fact actively enforced.

One of the sub-sections that we’ll be exploring is how it’s illegal to bother birds in any park or surrounding areas. With the abundant birdlife in Hawai’i, it’s no surprise that this law exists. Let’s dive into the details of this intriguing law and its implications for both locals and visitors.

Illegal to bother birds in any park or surroundings

Illegal to bother birdsBirds are protected in Hawaii, and it is illegal to disturb them in any park or surroundings. Any person found doing so will be held liable for the act and may face legal consequences. This law has been put in place to protect birds from harm and prevent any interference with the delicate balance of nature.

The law regarding birds in Hawaii extends beyond just their protection in parks or natural preserves; it is illegal to harm or disturb any bird species on the Hawaiian islands. This includes nesting areas, feeding grounds or roosting sites. Any action that results in injuring or killing a bird can lead to severe consequences under the law.

Unique details not covered so far include the provision of assistance to injured birds that individuals come across while hiking or swimming near any body of water on Hawaiian islands. It is the responsibility of the individual to contact concerned authorities and inform them about possible injuries observed on these birds.

In earlier times, Hawaiians revered certain types of birds, such as nene geese and ‘io (hawk), which they considered sacred animals. These special relationships with some bird species have contributed largely towards taking care of these beautiful creatures over time, paving the foundation of laws that now explicitly prohibit disturbing their natural habitats.

Overall, the law prohibiting individuals from bothering birds in any park or surrounding serves as an essential reminder of our responsibilities towards protecting wildlife. Not only does this help maintain natural harmony but it also ensures that future generations continue enjoying their beauty and diversity without disturbance.

Looks like billboards are only good for distracting drivers, not advertising!

Weird Laws Related to Advertising

Living in Hawaii has been great! However, during my time here, I came across some interesting and weird laws that I was unaware of. One such category of laws is related to advertising. You won’t believe this, but billboards are considered illegal in Hawaii because they cause too many distractions for drivers. I found this to be quite unusual, and it made me wonder about other types of strange laws related to advertising in the state. Let’s dive further into this subset of weird Hawaiian laws, shall we?

Billboards are illegal due to being too distracting for drivers

Billboards are illegal due to being too distracting for drivers

Massive billboards that can be seen from afar are considered a common sight along roads and highways. However, in Hawaii, such an advertising practice is illegal. The reason for this peculiar law is because billboards are considered too distracting for drivers and may cause accidents or collisions on the road.

In Hawaii, the government imposes several laws to minimize distractions while driving. One of these laws pertains to prohibiting billboards from being displayed along highways and other busy roads. This measure aims to keep drivers focused on the road ahead and not entice them with flashy ads that may distract their attention from potential road hazards.

The Hawaiian law concerning billboards does not only reduce driving risks but also contributes to preserving the natural landscape and beauty of the islands. Most probably, such a law was passed due to the state’s devotion to environmental conservation, including prevention of light pollution caused by towering billboards at night.

To conform with Hawaii’s unique anti-billboard regulations, business owners have shifted towards less-distracting promotional methods like internet advertising or using small banners in front of shops.


As we have explored the strange Hawaiian laws, it is apparent that Hawaii has a unique set of regulations that may seem unusual to outsiders. The variety of laws may serve different purposes, such as protecting the environment, or enforcing cultural norms. It is intriguing to see how traditions influence Hawaiian legislature. One particular law that stands out is the prohibition of billboards on the island, which highlights the importance of preserving the natural beauty.

Additionally, it is fascinating to note that some laws have been in place for centuries, such as the Kapu system, which prohibited certain activities on certain days. These laws reveal the historical significance of cultural beliefs and practices. It is vital to understand and respect the cultural heritage that Hawaii maintains.

Moreover, Hawaii’s laws may not always make sense to people who are not familiar with the culture, but it is crucial to recognize and abide by these laws. The uniqueness of Hawaii’s legal system adds to the state’s charm and attraction.

A true fact about Hawaiian laws is that it is illegal to have more than one alcoholic drink in front of you at a time. According to the Hawaii Revised Statutes section 281-78, it is illegal to “have more than one partially consumed container of intoxicating liquor, beer, or wine in front of you at one time.

Five Facts About Weird Hawaiian Laws:

  • ✅ It’s illegal to get a tattoo on your eyelid or behind your ear without a registered physician present. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Putting coins in one’s ears is illegal in Hawaii. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Shooting galleries cannot offer alcohol as a prize for contests. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Wearing swimsuits on the streets of Waikiki is prohibited by law. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ It’s illegal to bother birds in any park or surroundings. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Weird Hawaiian Laws

What are some weird Hawaiian laws tourists should know about?

Some weird Hawaiian laws tourists should be aware of are that it’s illegal to get a tattoo on your eyelid or behind your ear without a registered physician present, it’s illegal to put coins in your ears, it’s illegal for shooting galleries to offer alcohol as a prize, it’s illegal to wear swimsuits on the streets of Waikiki, it’s illegal to bother birds in any park or surroundings, and billboards are illegal due to being too distracting for drivers.


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