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The charism and aura of the European country of Scotland is unknown to none. It is the land that has been the surface of many important historic battles, the mother of the beloved ‘golf’ sport, and is world-famous for its Balmoral Castle.

A Scottish trip allows you to experience the beautiful wild nature hundreds of miles from any other city in the world. From its historic and cultural cities to its stunning landscapes and enchanting islands, Scotland is an unforgettable land. One of Edinburgh’s greatest pleasures, is simply strolling through the Georgian area of the city centre, admiring the beautiful streets, squares and buildings.

Dunrobin castle, Scotland
Dunrobin castle, Scotland

Glasgow has had an exciting revival over the last two decades! It’s a fun, lively capital city, with a lot to see and do. Alongside many museums, art galleries, monuments and shops, there is the Glasgow Cathedral, a masterpiece of the Gothic era in history.

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a perfect blend of contemporary and archaic Scotland. The traditional Scotland is reflected from the ancient Edinburgh castles and buildings. While hotels, restaurants and a thrilling nightlife are the emblems of today’s Scotland. Edinburgh is swarming with people every year for more than one reason. The museums of this place are the main attractions.

The Royal Museum, which houses the first cloned sheep named Dolly, the National Gallery of Scotland, along with a number of national museums, are paradigmatic cases. Next to it is the famous Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile Street, which connects this castle with the Holyroodhouse Palace, the medicinal plant garden, the Royal Botanical Gardens and Princes Street, famous all over the world for shopping.

If you want to experience the mind-boggling Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet, the city of Glasgow is a place ideal for that. Aside from its numerous notable museums such as St. Mungo Museum Religious Life, the Museum of Transport, and Scotland Street School Museum, Glasgow is endowed with an abundance of other attractions that draw in visitors.

For example, there are primitive buildings such as the Pollock House, the Country Black, the Glasgow Cathedral and the Bothwel Castle. These places have immense significance not only as a token of abundant history, but also as a source of incurring tourist wealth. Not to be forgotten are Glasgow’s prominent pedestrian shopping streets-Sauchiehall Street, Buchanan Street, etc.


The port city of Aberdeen is built almost exclusively of silvery granite, which shines in the sun or in the rain. There is also a magnificent maritime museum next to a prestigious art gallery.


St. Andrews is a beautiful town that is home to the Oldest Golf Course in the World. Plus, there are some fascinating medieval ruins here.


The Cairngorm Mountain range is beautiful, filled with rivers, lakes, forests and many endangered species. This beautiful region is popular for skiing, water sports and hiking. Scotland is known to be a centre of whisky production. They offer stunning views as you explore their coastal walks-the windswept cliffs, the mountains and bays will take your breath away.

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Scotch Whisky, Bagpipes, Tartan and Kilts are inseparable with Scotland. Other contributing factors are the castles, churches, and urban areas of every different era and style imaginable. All of this and more awaits in your Scottish vacation.


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