How to create your travel vision board with travel quotes

Build a travel vision board in 2021

A travel vision board is essentially a compilation of the places you want to visit. You start by listing all the destinations you’ve ever wanted to visit and then all of the inspiring things you read or watch while doing research on those locations. Magazines, travel articles, pictures – anything that is inspirational to a travel bucket list is used. It sounds easy but there lies the power to visualize your goals as real destinations. This means making a vision board which is essentially where you create a trip log and everything else that goes with it.

So often, people will create a travel vision board and never take action towards achieving their travel dreams. Many people then end up giving up on their travel dreams and this is sad because it is possible to achieve these goals if you are just willing to be persistent and have some motivation towards them. This article will look at how creating a travel vision board can help you achieve your travel dreams and how you can use it to stay motivated to keep traveling.

Travel vision board

Motivation is very important when it comes to achieving your travel goals. Visioning your journey on a vision board helps you keep focused on the goal and gives you something to look forward to each day – even if it’s a few negative days. When you have a vision board you can actually see the journey in your mind’s eye and this keeps you motivated. It’s a great way to motivate yourself when you are low on motivation and sometimes we need that push to keep us going.

So how can a vision board party inspire you? One way is to go through all your favorite magazines and collect all the inspiration pages. Then gather up the quotes and magazine clippings. Put them on a large piece of poster board and place them around your home or workplace. Another idea is to place a photo of the location you are travelling to on the back of the page and use it as an inspiration or destination – this works well for magazine covers too.

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Once you have your inspiration, write down your dreams on the back of each page. Decide what goals you are trying to achieve in your travels and write down your plans on the back of each one. Make sure you keep track of your progress with each step on the vision board. Remember these dreams should not be seen as a literal guide to your destination but as inspiration to continue your quest. Once you have your dreams written down and you are motivated, you will feel more in charge of your journey and it will become more of an adventure than a trip planned. Between the pictures add inspiring travel quotes such as:

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

Having your own vision board for your travel plans is very beneficial because it inspires you to keep moving forward with the plan no matter how many bumps in the road you might encounter along the way. It also gives you something else to focus on, so that when you are stuck on a particular goal, you have something else to read that will help you stay focused on the bigger picture. This type of related content on your vision board helps to make your goal setting and goal achieving journey more successful.

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