The best reasons why you want to live in Bangkok
The best reasons why you want to live in Bangkok

The best reasons why you want to live in Bangkok

The best reasons why you want to live in Bangkok

If you want to move to Asia, take in consideration Thailand. More specifically its capital, Bangkok. It’s worldwide known that Thailand is called “the land of the smile”. You might wonder why do I recommend you Bangkok; well, here is a list with 10 good and bad reasons why you should consider living in Bangkok.

Low cost of living

Bangkok has a low cost of living
Bangkok has a low cost of living

Housing is super inexpensive compared with Europe or US. You can live each month in a different guesthouse, hotel or apartment with as little as 200€/month. That’s around 230$/month. If you do your research you can even get breakfast included in this price. This is amazing and lives you more money monthly to spend on fun activities rather give it all away on rent, like happens a lot in west part of the globe. The price of the food is low as well, you can have a whole meal with rice with meat dish with as little as 70BHT. Baht being Thailand current and 1BTH would convert in 0.02€ or 0.03$. In Thailand you could thrive with less than 1000€/month. All inclusive. What it might cost you more are the tourist attractions.


No need to own a vehicle

No need to own a vehicle in Thailand
No need to own a vehicle in Thailand, you can make use of tuk-tuk

Thailand drives on the right side of the road. The traffic is not amazing and you would be better getting in a bus or renting a scooter. Taxis are affordable too. So, it’s much better to make use of the transportation already available than to buy your own. Like this you will have freedom of movement and you will not need to learn the Thai street names and get complicated with car insurance and more.


Thai food is AMAZING

Pad Thai Noodles - A must try traditional Thai dish
Pad Thai Noodles – A must try traditional Thai dish

Fresh sea food with rice and exotic fruits would make up your daily meals. Street food is an essential part of the Bangkok lifestyle. You can also go to the many open air markets and food stalls that line the numerous side roads of Bangkok, offering dishes from every cuisine imaginable. From Chinese food, to Italian, to Indian, to Middle Eastern – you name it, and chances are there is probably a stall out there serving it. Bangkok also has its share of seafood food stalls, where locals catch the day’s fishermen and bring them home cooked to eat: it can be some of the best bangs per buck around. If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal, these are some of your best options: a bowl of noodles, a bowl of soup, a delicious pastry or an authentic Thai dinner plate.


There is always something to do

Bangkok second hand market
Bangkok second hand market

With so many attractions and the country being so big, it’s very difficult to get bored. There is always something to see, something to do, travel to other cities, visiting islands and so much more. Other great things to do in Bangkok include a trip to the grand palace, Wat Arun (or Sun City), to soak in the beauty of the Royal Cliffwalk, take in the temples and simply have a blast being immersed in the modern culture of Bangkok. Bangkok has got something for everyone, from the super-hip nightlife to the calm and tranquil pools and parks. However, if you don’t happen to enjoy these main attractions, you will probably find that the city offers so much more to do: the Thais are a jolly lot, with a knack for partying up an awful lot, and you will not be disappointed with the variety of bars, clubs, temples and restaurants that the city has to offer.



Thai people are nice and polite people

Always with a smile on their faces and willing to help, Thai people are super polite and just simply put, nice. They are super friendly and welcoming. It’s very easy to make Thai friends and if you find it not very easy, do not forget that Bangkok is home of many expats from all over the world.



Everything is sabaai

The chillout attitude is called sabaai. It comes from monks which actually means not to worry for things which are not in your power and to let go things which you can’t control. In Thailand everything happens slowly and with no hurry. This can be an inconvenience if you are used to getting things fast and moving at a certain pace. Prepare to go from 100k/h to 10km/h.


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