What to expect when you visit Rome for the first time

Ancient ruins, Vatican City, delicious pasta and not to forget over 200 sorts of gelato. This is Rome, capital city of Italy, with over 3 mil inhabitants and the 16th most visited city in the world in 2016 with a number of over 7 mil tourists.

Now you arrived at Rome airport and you will need to reach your accommodation which most of the time will be located somewhere in the centre of the city or at least in a central area. You can purchase a bus ticket for 5€ one way to bring you to the city. If you want a faster way, you can take the train and in about 25 minutes you will reach Termini train station which is the main central area.

Hotels in Rome are plenty to find. But if you compare the hotel star rating with other European cities, Rome hotels are less luxurious and less spacious.

When in Rome and want to visit several attractions it is best to get a Roma Pass that is valid from 12 up to 72 hours. This pass includes unlimited bus and subway access and even helps you skip the line entrance to few Rome attractions. The Roma pass comes with a city map and a paper guide.

A tour of Rome is best doing by subway because this way you will avoid all traffic jams especially in the rush hour.

Be aware of the busyness in all touristic areas like Colosseum, Spanish Steps or Vatican City.

Expect to find many ice cream parlors which have hundreds – yes, hundreds – of gelato flavors.



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