Why Romania is worth visiting

At this moment almost 30 years had passed since Romanian people freed themselves from the communist regime.
Since then, Romanians open their arms to all tourists who chose to visit this amazing country.
Romania is a mixture of brand new luxurious life, tradition and a touch of communist regime.

A coast line stretched along 275KM, mountains with 12 peaks over 2500m high and a whole other natural beauties like salt mine, valleys, caves are the landscapes what Romania can be proud of. And the famous Dracula, Vlad Tepes, who lived in the forested area called Transylvania must be mentioned.

Romania has the perfect weather of all four seasons. In the summer temperature will go as high as 40 degrees and in the winter as low as -10 degrees. This makes it perfect for the many swimming pools Romania has or the ski trails in the high mountains.

Bucharest, the capital, is the home of People’s House, a building which is considered the second largest building in the world after Pentagon.

In Bucharest you will find many night clubs where luxury is taken to another level. From VIP tables to go-go dancers, where the fashion is at home, Bucharest is a city what must be visited at least once in your life.

Preserved medieval towns like Sighisoara, and many castles and fortresses are between most visited Romanian tourist attractions.

When to visit?

Best time to visit is depending of what you are looking to get from visiting Romania.
If you want to ski, then for sure best time is to visit between December to March.
If you are a sightseeing tourist then best is from June to September.

Where to go?

You can fly to Bucharest, Henri Coandă Airport, spend couple of days in the capital to visit the main attractions like People’s House, Triumph Arch or Old City.


Then you can take the train and go to the mountains; get off the train at Sinaia, book a cabin on the mountain, eat some traditional Romanian food and hike up to enjoy the cleanest air and see the stunning views.

Not to miss is the Transfagarasan road, named by Top Gear the most spectacular road from the world. With a length of 90KM, reaching the altitude of 2000m, Transfagarasan road is the only way to Balea Lake, a glacial lake who became one of the main Romanian attractions.

Mountain area in Romania is extremely vast and you will need proper planning before going. Take your time and google all places, see how you can get to the point what interest you.

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