Find bargains in Istanbul – Turkish shopping guide for the cheapskate in you

If you have ever visited Istanbul, you know it is the heaven of bargain shopping. The prices of most goods are way under the benchmark and real bargains are many and far between. What you can get for cheap though is a wide variety of souvenirs from all over the world, which makes Istanbul a tourist Mecca for the shopping addict. If you are planning to shop around in Istanbul, there are some tried and tested places where you can find the best finds. These shops offer not only authentic Turkish souvenirs but also many other items from other parts of the world.


Istanbul has several large departmental stores that sell everything from household utensils to designer labels at low prices. If you are on a strict budget, these are great bargains. Many of these stores also offer second-hand merchandise, which can be found for half the original price. There is a very large collection of fake purses, scarves, and handbags available at these stores. Most of these designs are replicas of the ones that you would find in expensive designer label items.


Another great place to find a real bargain is in the many street markets. There you can find every imaginable item from brightly colored vegetables, to expensive decorative items. The fresh produce and fruit will surely delight your palate and make you forget about your diet. Of course you will find plenty of electrical and electronic appliances and some clothing as well. The clothing section is particularly nice because there are many different brands of the same design, just in a different style.


Turkish departmental stores are one of the most popular places to buy fake purses and accessories. The designs are often the same as those you can find at more expensive stores. These stores are also usually safe and secure with friendly sales people and free-shipping services. This is another reason why they are a great place to purchase Turkish souvenirs. Do your research and find the store that has the best deal for you.

Istanbul has many antique shops as well. Many of these shops have been established for hundreds of years and still run like traditional, old-world shops. These shops often have quality wares and you can expect to pay a reasonable price. These shops are the best bargain shopping locations you can find. The prices here are usually lower than those in Western or developed countries.

If you’re looking for a real bargain, look for the small shops that don’t have a fancy name on the outside. Often these shops will have quality goods and will not cost you an arm and a leg. You can expect to pay a little more than you would in a large fancy shop, but you will be able to take home a real bargain. And since you paid a little more you get more. Bargain shopping in Istanbul is fun and exciting!

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