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How to visit Amsterdam’s Red Light District with a tour guide

The Red Light District of Amsterdam is a seedy part of town. This part of town caters mostly to men who are looking for sex and are willing to pay for it. The area is actually in the centre of Amsterdam city centre and is surrounded by expensive hotels and luxury apartments. This is where prostitution is legal in Holland. For years, this part of town has been a well-known site for sex parties and super active nightlife. Now, instead of just being a social nuisance, the red light district of Amsterdam is starting to become something people stop and look to see.

Red Light District Amsterdam

Earlier this year, the town of Amsterdam announced that plans to ban all guided tours of the red light district within walking on public streets with visible window bars, starting in April of 2020. Part of this plan is an effort to limit tourist tourism in De Wallen but the municipality also seemed to be interested in preventing the ladies working in this part of town from being sexually exploited by travelers. For years, Amsterdam hasn’t had a very high rate of crime committed against women who are engaged in prostitution. However, the announcement from the Red Light District Command says that the increase in tourism has in turn caused an increase in prostitution, which is costing the city millions of dollars in business.

Although the tourist guides are forbidden, you are still allowed to use their services. But even better if you do not want be in such a public place using some nightlight fun, you can always use a hotel service.

By prohibiting tourists from visiting the red light district, the police will be able to control the behavior of the prostitutes and sex tourism. This should hopefully curb the increasing problem of human trafficking across the globe. Since prostitution is typically a front for other criminal activities such as drug trafficking and other forms of organised crime, stopping it will also help reduce the amount of drugs and other criminal products that are sold in tourist areas. Many tourists who are forced to visit the Red Light District while passing through Amsterdam will no longer have access to the many sights and experiences they would have while living and working in a tourist city.

So said, you are free to use their services but not just to wander between the windows.

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